Charlotte Pénard

Freelance translator

English and Spanish into French
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I am a freelance translator located in Angers, France, who is passionate about languages and cultures. I offer translation services from English and Spanish into French.

My language and intercultural experiences led me to follow my passion: communicating ideas from one language and culture into another.

After obtaining an undergraduate degree in Foreign Languages, Literature and Cultures and two years spent working and studying abroad, I received a professional Master’s degree in Translation Studies from the Université Catholique de l'Ouest (Angers).

I’ve been working since 2014 as a freelance translator. I also teach translation and English language to first year graduate students at the Université d'Angers.

Lifelong learning is essential for any translator, and I constantly strive to broaden my knowledge about the specialty areas in which I work and further enhance my writing skills.

If you would like more details about my experience, I can provide a CV upon request
{ Services }
Entrust your content with a professional translator and free up time to devote to what you do best. You can ensure that your carefully crafted image and message will make the impact you were hoping for.

Translation of documents written in English and Spanish into French. Translation requires not just an in-depth understanding of the source language, culture and the subject area, but excellent writing skills in French as well. It’s not about translating words, but the bigger message, ideas and images, all with a style that flows well and is adapted to a French readership.


Comparison of an existing translation against the source text. Verification of the translation in terms of meaning and consistency, correction of mistakes and style improvements.


Proofreading and editing of texts originally written in French only (such as a graduate thesis). Correction of spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. Editing of the text for a natural flow.


Translation of transcriptions in English or Spanish to be used for video subtitles (documentaries, corporate presentations, etc.)

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{ specialties }
These are my main areas of specialization. Don’t see your area on the list? Get in touch – I may be able to recommend a trusted colleague.
Marketing & Communication
Looking to take your business international? Need to translate your corporate documents into French? I can help you translate your brochures, press kits, websites, newsletters, CVs, cover letters and more.
Tourism & Heritage
Travellers like to be able to have information available in their own language. Whether you work for a hotel, tourist office or restaurant, I can handle all your translation needs.
Arts & Culture
After gaining translation experience while working at a cultural magazine and obtaining an “Arts, Languages and Heritage” certificate, I am well versed in the specific terminology used in these fields and can translate all your programmes, exhibition texts, etc.
International organisations, EU & NGOs
I translate regularly for international organisations, European Union institutions and NGOs. Some of the topics I frequently deal with are education, health, immigration, human rights, sustainable development and nutrition.
{ Testimonials }
“Charlotte is a highly motivated, reliable and precise translator. It’s always a pleasure working with her.”
Anne-Charlotte Sérandour, Translation Project Manager
Marta Salinas,
Translation Project Manager
“Charlotte is an excellent translator who always delivers her translations on time. I would absolutely use her services in the future!”
Gabriela Tudor,
Translation Project Manager
“Charlotte is a serious, competent and motivated professional. Her translations are precise and she knows how to work under tight deadlines.”
Valters Grigans,
Translation Project Manager
“Charlotte has a gift for maintaining a calm and positive attitude that can diffuse even the most stressful of situations.”
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If you have any questions about your translation projects or want a free quote, you can contact me using the form below. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.
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